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Semangat Membaca, Modal Meraih Kesejahteraan

Membaca merupakan langkah awal untuk mencapai kemajuan dan kesejahteraan, karena dengan membaca akan membawa kita kepada kondisi yang lebih siap untuk menjawab persaingan global dan tantangan zaman dengan segala kemajuan ilmu pengetahuan dan teknologi yang terjadi dewasa ini. Demikian disampaikan Bupati Natuna melalui sambutan tertulis yang dibacakan oleh Asisten Ekonomi dan Pembangunan Sekretariat Daerah Kabupaten Natuna, Drs. H. Izwar Asfawi ...

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Visit Work Natuna Regent Proxy to Pulau Tiga

In development execution, required by various priority consideration becoming requirement of area and have added value to supporting other area which is medium walk. For that, development workplan have to be designed well and really is becoming requirement of development area a region. This matter is submitted by Proxy Regent Natuna, Imalko,S.Sos in its greeting at meeting with society in ...

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Training of Skill to all Searcher Job

Most Sub-Province Natuna society have to have livelihood as seasonal farmer and fisherman. This matter is caused by geographical condition which in form of archipelago by 99 % ocean . But remember the condition of progress which have happened to result to emerge area – area work of skill owning opportunity to be developed. However most the skill more comprehended ...

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Development Child Become Governmental Priority

Child represent godsend which must get protection, competent life and education which with quality. To get education which with quality, Government Sub-Province Natuna have executed various workplan, among others oblige education 12 year free of charge to each;every school age child, providing transportation and also other program which felt support attainment of such target That way submitted by Regent Natuna ...

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Isbath Mass Marry

In life, nuptials represent very event of holly especially in Islam, and very hungered for by each;every adult mankind either through physical and also bounce, passing agreement coexist valid [in] human being eye and Allah SWT. Besides in going into society, perhaps also require confession either from facet arrange society. and also civic administration. This matter become is important, especially ...

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Miras and Narkoba Destroy to Bounce The Rising Generation

Along epoch growth, technological progress make easy information obtaining by each and everyone, start from positive information till negative matter even if. On that account very needed by filter capable to give understanding will affect from matter which the negative. That way also with Narcotic negative impact and forbidden drugs ( NARKOBA). Danger Narkoba enough worried, because can break the ...

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Tablig Akbar Hut Partai Demokrat ke- 12 Kabupaten Natuna

Bupati Natuna, Drs.H. Ilyas Sabli,M.Si, menghadiri acara Tablig Akbar dalam rangka memperingati Hari Ulang Tahun Partai Demokrat Ke–12, di Lapangan Bola Kaki Ranai, Jum’at (27/09) malam. Dalam kesempatan tersebut Bupati Natuna, menyampaikan apresiasi kepada Partai Demokrat khususnya serta seluruh partai politik yang ada di Kabupaten Natuna karena selama dibentuknya daerah ini seluruh kalangan politik telahpun menunjukkan kedewasaan pergaulan berdemokrasi yang ...

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DPRD Sub-Province Natuna Agree APBD – P

As follow-up from Introductory Oration Note of Finance Device Revenue Plan and Expense Area Sub-Province Natuna, Wednesday ( 19 / 10), hence Council Delegation of Area Sub-Province Natuna have studied on an ongoing basis by entangling Team Budget Local Government Sub-Province Natuna Is that way submitted by Chief Parliament Area Sub-Province Natuna moment open Plenary Meeting of DPRD with event ...

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Commemorating Anniversary to 13 Sub-Province Natuna

Along Indonesian nation development journey, from management with sentralisasi system till decentralize or more knowledgeable with Autonomy Area give special space to area to manage all existing potency to reach development aspiration With natural resource potency what overflows in the form of result of forest, oceaninc potency and fishery and also available of existing gas and petroleum shall can give ...

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Bupati Tinjau Lokasi Musibah Kebakaran

Bupati Natuna, Drs. H. Ilyas Sabli,M.Si dengan didampingi Forum Koordinasi Pimpinan Daerah dan beberapa kepala SKPD meninjau musibah kebakaran di Desa Pulau Tiga Kecamatan Pulau Tiga, selasa (25/09) pagi. Kebakaran yang terjadi minggu (23/09) lalu ini merupakan kebakaran kedua di Kabupaten Natuna, dengan kerugian yang dialami mencapai 580 juta, (tiga buah rumah). Berdasarkan keterangan dari Kepala Desa Pulau Tiga, Hanafi, ...

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