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Commemorating Anniversary to 13 Sub-Province Natuna

Tgl Rilis: Monday, 15 October 2012 | 21:27

Along Indonesian nation development journey, from management with sentralisasi system till decentralize or more knowledgeable with Autonomy Area give special space to area to manage all existing potency to reach development aspiration

With natural resource potency what overflows in the form of result of forest, oceaninc potency and fishery and also available of existing gas and petroleum shall can give prosperity to society. However all potency had will not can assign value to add in make-up of prosperity of society, otherwise supported by available of human resource which with quality and also competence as activator, and existing energy resource. For That Government Sub-Province Natuna put down program is make-up of quality of human being resource as one of the attainment priority

The above is true submitted by Regent Natuna Drs. H. Ilyas Sabli, M.Si Moment give greeting at Ceremony event Commemoration of Anniversary Sub-Province Natuna to 13 Year 2012, Friday ( 12 / 10) at Office Regent Natuna

Furthermore he added in this time we have entered phase to second from RPJPD as a mean to realize mission and vision which planning have, continuation and executed by professional

Realized still many factor and constraint – factor causing is slowgoing of management development area, one of cause is geographical in the form of archipelago affecting at high cost in the development realization, but if entire element have strong confidence, Sub-Province Natuna will reach a period of prosperity in a period of future

Hereinafter said that by infrastructure Accomplishment of base which have been executed, among others transportation area capable to accomodate people mobile and goods from entire Sub-Province Natuna region, make-up of the quality of education as a mean to create Human resource which with quality.

Enhanced also, along time journey manner of society in Sub-Province Natuna have very felt, immeasurable of tribe, Custom, habit, trust and religion. Is for that expected by existing immeasurable shall can become one of the new strength and capital to support acceleration of development. This matter of form will sense of belonging and togetherness remain to awake always tighten brotherhood string, unity and association.

In the opportunity of Government Sub-Province Natuna deliver Land Certificate Donation to District Court Ranai, Justice of Religion Ranai, and also Decree Regent Natuna about Approval of Release / Asset Land;Ground donation to Polres Natuna and Kodim Natuna. Besides also given by appreciation to Civil Public Servant and Erratic Officer of Byword.

In celebrating Anniversary Sub-Province Natuna to 13 Year 2012 various activity network executed among others Exhibition Book ( 8-10 October 2012), Operation Cataract cooperate with TNI Air Force ( Tuesday,9 / 10), environmental Tree cultivation of Office Regent ( Friday, 12 / 10), Blood donor ( Saturday, 13 / 10), Night Reception and Entertainment amusement people ( Sunday,14 / 10) with activity network among others, easy going road;street have prize, easy going bicycle have prize, Struggle hiking

Network Activity covered with Tablig Akbar in All Purppose Building of Natuna Gerbang Utaraku. ( Publicity Department Setda. Kab. Natuna : Mz / alx) 15/10/2012

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Email: mail@natunakab.go.id, Telp: 0821 6944 1216 / 0811 7755 520 (WA only)

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