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Isbath Mass Marry

Tgl Rilis: Tuesday, 6 November 2012 | 21:28

In life, nuptials represent very event of holly especially in Islam, and very hungered for by each;every adult mankind either through physical and also bounce, passing agreement coexist valid [in] human being eye and Allah SWT.

Besides in going into society, perhaps also require confession either from facet arrange society. and also civic administration. This matter become is important, especially for the shake of getting clarity of clan status and also legalistic child rights and legislation going into effect.

This matter is submitted by Regent Natuna in greeting written read off by Secretary Area Sub-Province Natuna, Syamsurizon,Sh.M.Si at Event Itsbat Do Mass marry in Multipurpose Auditorium Building of District Bunguran Timur Laut, Tuesday ( 06 / 11) morning.

Hereinafter, Secretary Area explain that seen from condition of past, many husband/wife spouse which not yet owned book do marry because of institution situation record-keeping and civil Justice of Religion which is difficult to be reached and also the lack of awareness to society to is important record-keeping of marriage status.

For that expected, passing this activity, entire marriage that happened in District of Bunguran Timur Laut can be noted and ratified to pass rising verification of book do, marry which is on its innings will water down administration process entire/all society and also get amenity [of] service which is on its base become rights entire/all Sub-Province Natuna society specially.

At this same opportunity of executor chief, Drs M. Zakaria SH.MH also inform that Itsbat execution Do this Mass marry just with day become the forming of Justice of Religion Natuna to 13.

Since forming of Justice of Religion Natuna, have 1800 finished case. From year 2008 up to 2012 counted 350 case. To in this time have enlisted 6 couple do itsbat marry, among others 3 Countryside Pengadah couple, 1 Countryside Limau Manis couple, 1 Countryside Selemam couple, and 1 Countryside Sebadai Ulu couple .

(Peliput, Endang/Mardiana) 06/11/2012

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