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Visit Work Natuna Regent Proxy to Pulau Tiga

Tgl Rilis: Thursday, 8 November 2012 | 21:24

In development execution, required by various priority consideration becoming requirement of area and have added value to supporting other area which is medium walk. For that, development workplan have to be designed well and really is becoming requirement of development area a region.

This matter is submitted by Proxy Regent Natuna, Imalko,S.Sos in its greeting at meeting with society in network activity of Visit Work in Countryside Sabang Mawang District of Pulau Tiga, Wednesday ( 31 / 10) morning.

Basically, development is responsibility with entire/all element, good of government, society and each;every laboring institution by konstans and supporting each other to pass participation according to function and authorization.

For that, passing activity of job activity visit expected can become one of the media permeate aspiration and know development priority scale which must be majored at next year development budgeting, so that exploiting result of the development can support the make-up of society service quality and economics in all region governance of Sub-Province Natuna

In is same opportunity of Sub-Regency Chief Pulau Tiga, Syawal SE also inform that during the time development planning taken is coping to increase economic enableness of nationality in order to depressing poorness number and also countryside lessening drop behind to infrastructure correction of good service and base.

While society aspiration in this time most required by schoolchild transportation service, availibility of adequate electrics and also health service which still felt to be to be burdened to remember geographical condition of District Pulau Tiga which is in form of archipelago ( peliput, Endang / jasipah) 01/11/2012

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