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Development Child Become Governmental Priority

Tgl Rilis: Wednesday, 7 November 2012 | 21:29

Child represent godsend which must get protection, competent life and education which with quality. To get education which with quality, Government Sub-Province Natuna have executed various workplan, among others oblige education 12 year free of charge to each;every school age child, providing transportation and also other program which felt support attainment of such target

That way submitted by Regent Natuna through Economic Assistant and Development Secretariat Area Sub-Province Natuna, Drs. H. Izwar Aspawi moment open meeting in Event Socialization Policy of Competent Sub-Province Town of Child And Forming of Competent Bunch Duty Sub-Province Natuna of Child, Tuesday ( 06 / 11) morning in Auditorium Meeting of Office Regent Natuna

Enhanced also, by various existing amenity and facility, still met by school age child which do not Go to school, this matter because of old some people patterned thinking which of opinion that education non an unattainable prosperity and responsibility only with education, even education will only burn a hole in pocket and just time

For that expected to all development stockholder, can share active always socialize is important of education to child.

In the same moment Assistant Deputi Urban Development of Child Ministry of Enableness Woman and Protection of Child, Drs. MA Budi Prabowo, M.Si as guest speaker explain for the Town of is Competent of Child represent woke up town sub-province by considering best to child

For that, all executed development have to cooperation with competent town development program of child where result of development have to give good impact at child so that Competent Indonesia program of Child ( IDOLA) will be reached. However for the form of from above matter, have to in strarting from friendly family of Child

As Sub-Province which medium develop;build, Competent Town of child will easy to we realize, and its development do not only in just physical area like Competent School of Child, Competent Puskesmas of Child, Garden Play at, however development of is non physical also have to in parallel its execution like, sociability of old fellow to child, planted sincerity early on, sensitive at requirement of affection and child

As for efficacy a competent area of child can be seen by where do not find of public road child ( shabby). However still is often found by some problems, worthless among others to underage child and marry underage child.

Since year 1990 Indonesia have children right which is group become 5 among others:

1. Civil rights and freedom in the form of birth certificate
2. Education rights
3. Rights Mothering
4. Rights Health
5. Special Rights Protection

Competent Town of child require to be developed because 1 / 3 Indonesia people is children or around 82.959 million soul and children is present day owner and future. For that start in this time development execution have to always pay attention children right, according to and priority ability of budget an area

As for activity and socialization forming of competent Sub-Province Natuna duty bunch of child represent preparation step to become host at commemoration of Day Child National year 2013 Provinsi Archipelago of Riau

( Publicity Department Setda. Kab. Natuna : Mz / alx) 07/11/2012

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