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Miras and Narkoba Destroy to Bounce The Rising Generation

Tgl Rilis: Tuesday, 6 November 2012 | 15:21

Along epoch growth, technological progress make easy information obtaining by each and everyone, start from positive information till negative matter even if. On that account very needed by filter capable to give understanding will affect from matter which the negative. That way also with Narcotic negative impact and forbidden drugs ( NARKOBA). Danger Narkoba enough worried, because can break the rising generation link as area development executor and router. Therefore role and also all side, old fellow, environmental of society and also required absolute related/relevant institution.

That way submitted by Regent Natuna Assistant Governance of Secretariat Sub-Province Natuna, Drs. H. Chaidir Char moment give guidance and greeting at wrong counselling event / circulation of Narkoba and liquor, Tuesday ( 16 / 10) morning in Auditorium Restaurant Sisi Basisir.

Criminality, the eroding of easting culture and behaviour, failure a future the rising generation as narkoba negative impact and miras perhaps we do not wish happened in Natuna Sub-Province. But require to be realized, saving insufficient the rising generation only by catching all narkoba distributor and perpetrator and miras as such during the time conducted, however particularly give understanding and always give socialization to impact the rising generation of the miras and narkoba and particularly again to inculcate behaviour and science – religion behaviour.

Besides miras and narkoba, abuse of drugs which can be bought by dispensary even also progressively multitude among children and adolescent like cough medicine, for that expected by seller earn dissociat purchasing of cough medicine outside equity of consumption dose.

In the same opportunity, Secretary Body Unity of Nation and Politics Area, Drs. Firdaus say that counselling which represent going concern activity since June 2012 as a mean to give negative impact and information from liquor and narkoba which in this time have started to enter among student.

The activity followed by 50 student people go to school Upstairs continuation exist in District of Bunguran Timur (Part Of Public Rerations Secretariat Area Sub-Province Natuna, Mz / Alx) 15/10/2012

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